1502 – Peacestool by Ana Mrovlje

SIT DOWN AND DEAL WITH THE WAR INSIDE OF YOU                                


War starts with an Inner Battlefield

I got my own battlefields.
That’s how I brought the war
Into the world.

And it won’t stop
Until I make peace
With myself.


The concept was to build a monumental piece made out of the Great War’s fundamental item, the bullet. The Peacestool, however, is not made out of bullets but out of what is left by the bullet after a person’s action of shooting. The stool materializes nearly 3000 echoes of former bangs which you can almost hear when you sit down and feel the coldness of thousands of triggers. The experience of the chair is loud in its silence.

The strong impression of the dirty-gold throne of peace confronts us with something that we hear about but rarely see so clearly – the war. The centre of the installation is the chair built out of bullet shells, with something that is left by the war when it ends, as one of the only material proof that it really happened. It serves as a platform, a provoking space for a visitor to sit down, contemplate and focus  on the fights  on  their  present,  inner  battlefields. For  me, the installation is a  memorial,  the place to remember the past and to rethink the human irony of “fighting for peace”.

An important aspect that I explore in the project is the existence of the personal  monuments, the blueprint in us, which refers to our archetypical heritage as the humanity. It is hard to deny that the death drive, Thanatos is deeply imprinted in us, when the wars are being fought as if we were caught in  a  vicious  circle.  As  long  as  the  battles  in  oneself  are excesively fought,  the peace  in the  society remains an illusion. The Peacestool will be placed in the middle of a square with a reflector pointing directly to the person sitting on it, putting them in the spotlight, implying that wars are first made in the minds of men. The act of confronting the inner war gives all people who will participate in the final work and sit on this monument, the power of influence and alliens them together in a group of peaceful warriors.



Peacestool is a stool made out of nearly 3000 bullet shells. The position of the stool – in the middle of a small room – invites an individual to sit down and experience a common, everyday object in a entirely different way.

Art, Design, Installation

Created by Ana Mrovlje

Put into words by Philomena Höltkemeier



Ana Mrovlje: ana.mrovlje@gmail.com


Philomena Höltkemeier: script@philomenahoeltkemeier.com

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