1503 – Techn-o-ton by Juergen Vonbank

Danceable electronic music that solely used field recordings of the Saline building in Hallein.

The goal of the “Techn-o-ton” project was to create danceable electronic music solely using field recordings of the Saline building in Hallein. The only sound source for the music was the building itself and the objects inside of it. All drum/rhythm elements, layers and synth-like patterns were recorded during Schmiede at the location of the gathering.

The bonus track “4125535” is the sole exception as it was created together with Michael Schreiber recording his modular synthesizer tool kit.

Work Steps:

1. Field recordings using a clip-on microphone for mobile phones
2. Selecting and cutting of the recorded audio material
3. Creating the songs in Ableton Live
4. Preparing a live set in Ableton Live and setting up a midi controller 5. Live performance at Werkschau (Experimental Stage)

What Now?

After slightly rearranging, mixing and mastering the tracks, they will be released as “Techn-o-ton EP” on Juergen Vonbank’s label “Night Defined Recordings”. The release will be available as pay-as-you-go download on Bandcamp, whilst all earnings being donated to “Caritas Flüchtlingshilfe” (support for refugees providing housing, language courses, psychological services).


Artwork by X Tin
Bonus Track in cooperation with Michael Schreiber
Mastering by Mattias Fridell



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