1507 – Aesthetics of the Lingering White

artistic research PhD at the Kunstuniversität Linz

Weißstreifen is a project I begun to develop during an artist in residency in Salzburg, Austria in spring 2014 and in Joutsa, Finland in winter 2015. It is the beginning of a wider research for my PhD artist research project at the University of Arts in Linz, Austria about the topic how to visualize timelessness through the color white. My idea is to show how the objects disappear into the white and how you feel about the idea to fill the white. Does the emptiness of a white paper feel like there is a nothing to be filled, or does the nothingness feel for you comfortable or like a chance to create a new stroke in the white to draw on it? Does the snow connote to you silence, to loose you in the nothingness, or to create something new in the white, and fill it with a new idea? Through abstract and poetic images I aim to record the decay of time in the nature. Silence and the nothing. I envisage to offer possibilities to question concepts of time and reality, that are part of our subjective perception. Those are concepts that we have build in our western society and follow our subjective impression, our culture background of an understanding of time or the technical measurement of time for instance. In our dreams and in our memories the sensation of time changes to another concept though and follows another logic. Often time is thought as a straight-line, that begins at one point in the past and ends somewhere in the future. There is another idea of time, as a sensation of time in a circle, that repeats endlessly and that is structured through rhythm and parameters. I follow in my photography the sensation of time as a circle. There is no end and no beginning – just the one moment. Timelessness, emptiness, silence, death are explored and questioned in its different connotations in west and east.

VJ in time Loop für website from Nica Junker on Vimeo.


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