1509 – InDifferentLight

Vom Fernweh zum Heimweh
From wanderlust to homesickness


InDifferentLight started as a travelling residency project with Nomadic Village (Nomadic.cd) from May 2015 up until September 2015. Artists Heidi Seppälä and Andi Pils drove across the Balkans creating and filming small site-specific mapping- tracking and dance performances in old Yugoslavian war memorials and participated a few art residencies and festivals along the way.

The outcome of the whole was many site specific performances around Balkans, a compilation of films of the performances at an exhibition at the opening of Water Tower Art Festival in Sofia as well as a finishing performance for the same festival. Three months of travelling and living out of a van ended in Schmiede 2015, with a performance collaboration.

Schmiede team/credits:
Performance, Concept: Heidi Seppälä, Andi Pils
Music: Andi Pils, Stefan Baron von Firnwald
Technician, Lights: Andi Pils, Viktor Furiani, Darren Kirwan
Film, Photography: Samvida Nanda
Story Consult: Philomena Höltkemeier
Editor: Gerhard Daurer

The website of the project is: Indifferentlight.primitive.at

Put into words by Philomena Höeltkemeyer:

Vom Fernweh zum Heimweh
From wanderlust to homesickness

Once I went off to the distance,
Looking for new stars and spheres,
For a place I won’t feel this tense.
I saw happiness so clear.
But as I departed,
I left myself behind,
Got lost in the darkness
Until I found a light
That came from where my heart is,
From the stars on the inside.

We all wish to finally arrive at a place in our lives we can call home. It has to be out there somewhere: Luck. Somewhere far, far away. Maybe it lies ahead of us, in the future, and all we have to do is wait long enough for it to come around. Maybe it’s hidden at a secret spot that we just have to find. But what if instead it can be found right here, right now at the one place that is the easiest to reach of them all but the last one we think of: in ourselves?

Through their art, Heidi Seppälä and Andi Pils express a limitless desire for travel. The urge to explore the world and the future, to discover and to understand it. Both artists are not only connected through itchy feet in terms of wanderlust, but also in their close relationship and ongoing efforts to continuously develop their own personalities. They go on a journey in search of themselves, but as they return, they eventually discover what they have been yearning for – where it had been waiting to be found all along. The artists show desire as an opportunity for self-deception as well as self-reflection and take us with them on their journey.


In their latest exhibition InDifferentLight the artists look at their travel experiences from a different point of view.

!In this piece, we follow the female protagonist’s search for inner peace. She wanders, she digs, she finds a light in the world. A light she wants to take home, just like flowers you pick from a field to enrich your interior decor. But the light just doesn’t want to be owned by her. It quickly becomes clear: There is a light within everything and every person in the world. But each living creature has its own light and if you want your life to be ultimately enlightened, you must dig for it nowhere else but within yourself.

By discovering our inner light, we find peace of mind as an infinite source of happiness.



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