1601 – Mutate & Escape

Mutate & Escape is a game about Bacteria, who try to escape from a lab
facing dangerous obstacles.


Mutate & Escape is based on an artificial neuronal network, or digital

brain. The player is given a number of bacteria, each having its own

digital brain. The bacteria have to try to overcome a dangerous

obstacle course and learn how to jump, walk and not to die by

themselves. The player helps them by choosing the strongest and most

intelligent bacteria and cross breeding them, so a new generation of

more intelligent bacteria can try to beat the course until they

finally escape from the lab!



Redox Game labs: (https://redox-labs.com/)

(Network) Theresa Angerer

(Coding) Samuel Arzt

(Coding) René Baumgartner

(Coding) Phillipp Götz

(Art) Wolfgang Stulowitz

(Art) Konstantin Wilke

(Sound) Andreas Gröstlinger (contact@defrain.at)

(Art) Benjamin Wahl (www.skodone.at)

Further Info:

Von Nudeln und Bakterien…

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