1418 – PRIVATE ART CABIN — 3 MIN / 1 €

The main interest of this performative installation is the interchange between the artist and the viewer.

People run through the world doing three things at the same time while they think of the next task they have to do. The same happens when they go to museums. They run through the exhibition, talk and drink and it seems they don’t focus on the art anymore.

The artist is searching the dialogue to the society and tries to change the way of looking on things.

In this modern society it is really hard to focus on something, especially on little, unimposing things. Maybe it is easier if you have to pay money for it?

Idea & performance: Julia Riederer
Project Support: Susanne Steinmassl


0043 650 2919385

http://salon.io/juliariederer (still under construction, but have a look)

schmiede home base:
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