1435 – Trike Lab

The Trike Lab designed and assembled two tricycles which lead a Bike ride to Munich.

Trike Lab @ Schmiede DIY festival from Domen Ožbot on Vimeo.

What’s the deal? Ljubljana (Published on Nov 10, 2014)
MUSLAUF goes abroad: bikes, trikes and a story WTD, Kino Siska, Schmiede Hallein, caravan, Munich


The first trike is a repair trike that gets your best and favourite bike-mechanic with all the tools he needs directly to where you and your bike got stranded and need a mechanical fix. The second one is a
Keg-bike, because delivery of refreshments is always needed and always needs to be done in proper biking style.
On the last day of Schmiede the newly built trikes & the Muslauf team packed their tools and started a 2-day Biking Caravan to Munich.

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